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Commissioners Plan Conservative Fiscal Approach And Community Outreach For American Rescue Grant

While Hunterdon County’s Board of Commissioners await finalized U.S. Treasury rules providing direction for the use of American Rescue Funds (ARF), the County has banked the $12 million grant from the federal government, has the financial controls in place to manage the grant, and is developing a community outreach plan for input on the uses of the funds, County Commissioner Matt Holt has reported.

The Board of Commissioners, at the July 20th Board meeting, acted to establish a mechanism for the expenditure of the funds under New Jersey Budget Law, approving a ‘Chapter 159’ resolution. “As I have previously stated, we take the responsibility for the use of these funds most seriously and will apply our high standard of fiscal integrity to the process,” Commissioner Holt, a member of the ARF Committee, stated.

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